About Bill Valach: 

Bill’s passion for music dates back to his childhood days growing up in Montana and being part of a musical family.  “There was always music at family events and both my parents and brothers loved to sing”, recalls Bill.  His love of the guitar began in the second grade when a used Stella guitar was put under the Christmas tree.  “I still have that guitar and the fret board is totally worn down by playing” says Bill.  Being self-taught, Bill played guitar and sang in numerous high school and college bands including playing at age 16 for his parent’s dances.   Following college and a career in the corporate world Bill has reemerged and is embracing the music he adores.  “Playing with the Two Bit Brothers has been an absolute blast.  Every time we gig I am very humbled and appreciative of being able to do what I love”, says Bill.  “I plan on playing for many more years to come!”     

About Dwaine Wisthoff: 

Dwaine grew up in a very musical home and performed with his dad’s country band by the age 13.  “It was very common to have several musicians get together on Sunday afternoons for jam sessions”, remembers Dwaine.  He originally started playing drums around the age of 10 but soon picked up his dad’s guitar while also learning to play the flute and accordion. By the time Dwaine entered high school he was playing the bass in the school’s jazz choir and stage band.  He continued to perform with several musical groups until family and career took center stage.   Dwaine’s love of music never faded so when the chance to form the Two Bit Brothers came along, he was all in.  “Making music with the Two Bit Brothers is a total passion of mine”.  The opportunity to perform for our friends and supporters is such an incredible experience”, says Dwaine.  “I am looking forward to many years of music to come”.